Kim Asendorf & Leander Herzog
CHROME, collection of 128 channels, 2023

On-Chain multi-channel real-time animation
JavaScript, GLSL, variable dimensions
Ethereum smart contract

View the collection on OpenSea.

PRE-SALE28 Feb, 6 PM CET: Ξ0.5

PUBLIC MINT1 March, 6 PM CET: Ξ0.5


Chrome plays with the potential of contemporary software and hardware, from generative realtime graphics and custom smart contracts, to displays with ever increasing resolution and quality. The onchain software work responds to screen size and builds directly on the pixels of the specific display it runs on.

Chrome is a 128 channel realtime animation, coordinated by universal time (UTC). It emerges from a continuous linear motion, interrupted by a choreography between rhythm and random. Every channel is offset one additional second into the future, based on the token id assigned by the custom smart contract. This relation becomes visible when multiple channels are running in a shared space. Compositions emerge and evolve at various regular intervals, without ever repeating. Once per hour the synchronization stops and all channels act individually, before they transition back to coordination.

On March 1, 6PM CET, the 128 channels of Chrome can be minted, in sets of 8 channels (consecutive token ids), in pairs of 2, or as single channel. A 24h pre-sale starts 28 Feb 6PM CET, for collectors on the allowlist.

A "set" is 8 tokens with consecutive ids and time offsets. A pair is 2 tokens with consecutive ids and time offsets. Collectors of multiple channels can display them together and see the time difference, the synchronization and the choreography that emerges between them.

The custom smart contract stores the 15kb code of the work on the ethereum blockchain. It also enables minting sets with consecutive token ids in a single transaction. Check out the collection on OpenSea.

From Feb 1 to Feb 28, Chrome is presented as a site specific installation. A stack of 8 displays shows the first 8 of 128 Chrome channels, visualizing the 1 second offsets as 1 meter offsets in physical space.

source code

For collectors of multiple Chrome channels: Chrome channels are coordinated by universal time (UTC). To show them together, machines should have accurate time: Under reasonable operating conditions, systems can be configured to maintain 1ms (millisecond) accuracy or better (with respect to UTC). Configuring Systems for High Accuracy
You can have the date and time set automatically using a network time server. Set the date and time on your Mac

Thank you to Ernst-Hermann Asendorf for helping with craft, Thomas Brüggemann and Danny Franzreb for photography and videography, and to our friends and family for feedback and support.